Current lab members

Sergey Kryazhimskiy
Assistant Professor
Applied and Computational Mathematics, Princeton University
Evolution by natural selection is a fundamental property of life. I want to understand, predict and control how microbes evolve and adapt to their environment.
Sandeep Venkataram
Ecology and Evolution, Stanford University
I am interested in how biotic interactions in microbial communities affect adaption. I currently study a simple community that consists of yeast S.cerevisiae and alga C.reinhardtii. I observe how these two species are adapting to living with each other.
Alena Martsul
PhD student
Biotechnology, Belarusian State Technical University, Belarus
I measure how the effects of mutations on fitness depend on the genetic background and on the environment in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Huanyu Kuo
PhD student
Physics, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
I am interested in population genetics and quantitative biology. My research question is: How does the proteome allocation changes in bacterium E.coli as it adapts?
Michael Overton
PhD student
California State Polytechnic University Pomona
I am interested in developing and testing models that predict the fitness effects of new mutations. I am also pursuing an improved lineage tracking system for long-term evolution experiments.
Sarah Ardell
Sarah Ardell
Research assistant
Ecology, Behavior and Evolution, University of California San Diego
I am interested in using mathematical and computational models to understand evolution. I am currently working on a model to predict the evolution of cross-resistance and cross-sensitivity to antibiotics.

Lab Alumni

Georg Rieckh
Justin Shaffer
Shohreh H. Sikaroodi, lab manager 2016–19 (now at Fate Therapeutics)
BS and MS students
Sean Guy, BS/MS, 2017–19
Xingsen Chen, undergraduate, 2018–19
College/HS interns
Sophia Rosemann (2019 STARS)
Jesse Yu (2018 STARS)
Lesly Delgado (2017 ENLACE)
Kevin Longoria (2017 ENLACE)
Zoe Ge (2016, 2017)
Joshua Chung (2017)
Jia Huang (2016)
Eylul Karagoz (2016)