We are looking for a postdoc who is interested in bacterial evolution and physiology to work jointly with Terry Hwa

Required qualifications

  • Solid quantitative background
  • Experience with high-throughput OR quantitative experiments
  • Interest in bacterial evolution and physiology
  • At least one solid publication from PhD (preprint okay)
  • Curiosity and drive
  • Stamina

Desired qualifications

  • Familiarity with the experimental evolution and bacterial physiology literature
  • Experience with Illumina sequencing
  • Experience with cloning

If you are interested and qualified, please contact Sergey Kryazhimskiy (skryazhi at ucsd) and Terry Hwa (hwa at ucsd) with your CV, your best publication and a brief description of your background and interests.

PhD student

We are looking a PhD student to join the lab in the of Fall 2019. If you have a strong background in evolutionary biology and/or quantitative science, please contact Sergey (skryazhi at ucsd) with your CV and brief description of your interests.