We are currently looking for

PhD students

We are now actively recruiting a PhD student. We would ideally like to find a person with a quantitative background (e.g., quantitative biology, physics, applied math, statistics), but excellent candidates with experimental biology background will be considered too. Several exciting projects at the interface of theory and experiment are available. There are possibilities to apply to the Biology PhD Program at UCSD either through the EBE track, the qBio track, or other tracks. Contact Sergey Kryazhimskiy (skryazhi at ucsd) with your CV and brief description of your interests.

Undergraduate BS/MS students

We are looking for an undergraduate student and/or a prospective BS/MS student with quantitative skills to work on a theory/computational project understanding evolution in variable environments.

We are also looking for a BS/MS student to participate in an experimental project investigating and predicting evolution in E.coli to start in the Fall 2017.


We are currently not looking for postdocs.